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10 Ways to be a Socially Responsible Business

Warnes are comitted to their recyling directive. We seperate and recycle on-site waste, and are being a pro-active socially responsible business.

Although the benefits are clear, it’s hard to know where to start, especially for a startup. So how do you become a socially responsible business and make it part of your brand’s identity?

Besides the moral factor, socially conscious companies tend to create positive work environments and have dynamic ideologies, which prospetive customers like; tending to choose a company that has an active role in their community and dedicates some of its resources to helping others.

1. Establish a social mission.

Don’t be vague, create a defined mission and vision statement – emphasize how your company will actively seek to help the community. Once outlined, it’s easier to explain to and direct your team.

2. Establish realistic goals.

Create a list of goals that you want to achieve in the next three to six months. Remember to set up realistic objectives that can be accomplished without causing major disruptions to your day-to-day operations. Include both short-term and long-term goals that can be measured.

3. Educate your employees.

You will need the help of your entire team if you want to truly create a socially responsible business. Involve and inform employees, they need to understand what the objectives are. Meet to discuss and answer any questions. This will help to motivate your team.

4. Elect in-house social responsibility personelle.

These employees can dedicate some of their time to assess and further develop your objectives. Choose people who are passionate about helping others and are tasks driven.

5. Direct contributions.

You can show social responsibility through philanthropy. Donating money, even small amounts, or resources to local charities can make a huge difference to their daily operations.

6. Encourage volunteering.

Reward employees who decide to enroll and volunteer for local charity or organise team volunteering activity. This will also help your employees build a strong bond while contributing to a good cause.

7. Ethical labor practices.

Provide a safe working environment for your employees. Make sure your employees follow ethical labor practices, to treat each other with respect and dignity for example.

8. Think about sustainability.

Even if you don’t want to help with an immediate concern in your community, environmental issues are already an alarming reality for most of us. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take action and start reducing their environmental impact. Make sure you focus on sustainability and keep it in mind throughout your company’s entire operations, for example: working a paperless environment, eco-friendly lighting and car pooling.

9. Collaborate with compatible organizations.

Form collaborations with organizations who have a similar mentality, it can help you have a bigger impact than you would on your own. Joining other local, and sometimes national companies for a cause can help you make a super-charged donation or organize an amazing fundraiser.

10. Make your effort last.

It’s important to understand that social consciousness is not a marketing stunt or one-time attempt. You need to take social responsibility seriously and treat it for what it is: an ongoing effort to help a good cause in your community. Always try to contribute on a regular basis, host an annual event, and make scheduled contributions to a good cause.

Finally, social responsibility is now a key part of any successful entrepreneurial venture. Remember to show gratitude towards your community and your employees to cultivate good relationships. In doing so, you will create a successful business with a high moral standing that is a valued member of society.

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